Newport Harbor

By Taylor Hill

Excerpt from The Log


• The Coast Guard/Harbor Patrol/Balboa Yacht Club area is nearly complete. Surveys have been performed, but not fully analyzed. It is possible that R.E. Staite may need to return for some minor cleanup work. This is also true for the small area in the “A” mooring field.


• The area between Lido Isle and the peninsula is also complete. R.E. Staite had to return to clean up some smaller high spots left behind during dredging last month, and it is now waiting for the final survey to verify this work has been done.


• The final Phase I scow full of dredged material was delivered to the Port of Long Beach’s fill site Aug. 15. The project is 99 percent complete with its contaminated material, having delivered about 110,000 cubic yards of sediment to Long Beach’s Middle Harbor fill site. Without the Port of Long Beach’s Contained Aquatic Disposal site, the Lower Bay dredging project would have left critical high spots exposed. The remaining 1 percent of Long Beach-bound material — about 1,250 cubic yards — will be delivered as part of Phase 2.


• The main channel area between Balboa Island and Balboa Peninsula has been finished, and surveying is being conducted to make sure work in the area is completed.


• R.E. Staite is now focusing on the area between Balboa Island and Bayside Drive, west of the Balboa Island bridge. Cleanup work is wrapping up, and Miller said he hopes to reinstall the “D” mooring field as quickly as possible.


• After that, the focus will be on completing Phase 1 of the project, with the highest priority to complete the Newport Harbor Yacht Club and “F” mooring field area, but that will have to occur during Phase 2.


• Phase 2 is very close to being awarded by the Army Corps of Engineers. The city is awaiting its acceptance of an additional $4.5 million to be used toward expanded dredging, and Miller expects the Corps to sign off on the contract by early September.


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