Newport Beach, CASummer is right around the corner, so it is no surprise that water enthusiasts have boating on their mind. Whether you are new to Newport Beach, researching homes in the area, or are looking into a boat purchase, the Newport Beach Marina is a wonderful home for your vessel. Here are a few tips and insights that will assist you as you navigate through the slip options, boat services and maintenance options.


Boat Slips

Slips in the Newport Beach area can be hard to come by. There are typically two types of slips: residential and commercial. Commercial slips are commonly found in commercial zones, which may include private and public marina. In contrast, residential slips are normally located in close proximity to waterfront homes and are property of the homeowner. If the homeowner isn’t currently using the slip, they may seek a tenant to occupy it. Although residential and commercial slips each have their own restrictions and regulations, residential are frequently less expensive.


Boat Maintenance

Private companies throughout the area offer a vast number of services for boating owners alike. Common services include weekly washing, monthly detailing, bottom cleaning, and polishing. In addition to the external maintenance, companies offer interior services as well, including carpet cleaning and polishing. These are great options for both the individual who uses their vessel on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis.


Marina Options

There are several marinas spread throughout the Newport Beach area. Some of the most popular include: Newport Dunes Marina, Balboa Marina, Villa Cove Marina, The Harbor Marina, Bayshore Marina, Bayside Marina, and Lido Yacht Anchorage. Each marina offers a unique set of amenities, along with various slip sizes and rates.

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